Budget for retirees in Thailand

Budget for retirees in Thailand

Budget for retirees in Thailand for accommodation is inexpensive, and the possibility of a good weather is practically limitless. But it is necessary to plan the budget for the elderly, because there can be unforeseen and extremely undesirable expenses, so detailed information on the financial aspect of well-being in Thailand is a must.
Budget for retirees in Thailand:
Restaurant: lunch 1.35 Euros, dinner with 3 courses 8 Euros, a meal at the MC Do 4.25 Euros, a local beer 1.60 Euros, a foreign beer 2.17 Euros, a cappuccino 1.60 Euros, a coca 0.48 Euros, a water bottle 0.25 Euros.
Average hotel: 25 Euros, high-end 100 Euros.
Price of everyday food: milk 1.20 Euros, bread 0.95 Euros, rice 1 Euros per kg, eggs 1.20 Euros for 12 ones, chicken 2.55 Euros, tomatoes 1.10 Euros per kg, cheese 14.92 Euros per kg, orange 1.70 Euros per kg, potato 1.22 Euros per kg, salad 0.81 Euros, bottle of wine 13 Euros, cigarettes 2.60 Euros.
Massage: with oil 6.40 Euros for one hour.
Electricity: at home 40 Euros per month with air conditioning, water 9 Euros per month, ADSL 17 Euros per month.
Transport: bus ticket 0.53 Euros per km, Taxi 0.21 Euros per km, gas price 0.72 Euros per liter.
Cinema: 4.77 Euros
Airline ticket: Paris-Bangkok 580 Euros, Paris-Phuket 630 Euros, Bangkok-Chiang Mai 75 Euros.
The fare on the tuk-tuk, which is a cross between a moped and a taxi, is 10-20 baht (0.25-0.50 Euro) per person, a taxi will cost you much more. Renting a bicycle costs about 200 baht (5 Euro) per day and renting a car at least 900 baht (23 Euro) per day.
Prices of visits vary between baht 1000-6000 (25-153 Euro), depending on the intensity and duration of the program.
As you can see, the price dispersion is quite broad. But as you can see, the budget for retirees in Thailand to relax is three to four times cheaper than in the USA, Australia or Europe.

Budget for retirees in Thailand

Budget for retirees ThailandBy Photographed in Thailand, Samui, Lamai
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Budget for retirees in Thailand. Real estate agency in Thailand. Property Thailand

Budget for retirees in Thailand
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